About the project

NKonson NKonson comes from NKONSONKONSON, it's an Adinkra symbol meaning human relations. The idea of the project is to connect the dots between private and public sphere and see the power structures in the region through scraping, bulks of data available already and leaked documents. People type a name of politician they will see whether that person is shareholder or have interest in companies. And if they type companies you can see in which countries and ministers have they won contracts, when and for how much. Also, who is linked to that same company. The links between politicians and companies are tied, specially within the region. The flows of money and contracts and big companies would be easy to understand if only we could access the data all together. There are vast repositories of data, and just that. Not connected. Making it difficult for reporters and journalists with tied agendas and little support of their newsroom to dig deeper, to see clearer. The platform will allow to easiest connection and shed some light into the contracting and government sector in the region.

The project is run by CENOZO with the support of OKFN.